18.9L NATURAL SPRING WATER - Swithland Spring 



Swithland Spring Water is an exceptionally pure source of water from deep beneath the Charnwood Hills in Leicestershire.  It is a moderately mineralised Natural Spring Water that has its own unique and pleasant flavour delicately filtered by nature.  The catchment area of Charnwood is predominately woodland and parkland and still retains the unspoilt beauty of the ancient forest.



Chemical mg/l,:  Calcium 61.2, Magnesium 32.1, Sodium 12.1, Potassium 2.27, Bicarbonates 257

Chloride 21.3, Fluoride 0.24, Sulphate 77.5, Nitrate 1.09, Iron 0.03, pH 8.13.

500ml SPRING WATER-Wenlock Spring (Still & Sparkling)


Wenlock Spring water filters naturally through rock strata providing it with its unique blend of minerals, including calcium and selenium, giving it a refreshing and delicately sweet taste.


The Wenlock Edge is a geologically famous limestone escarpment created 400 million years ago and is 15 miles long stretching between Much Wenlock and Craven Arms.  Wenlock Edge consists of Silurian Limestone which was originally formed in a shallow, warm, clear, subtropical sea, similar to parts of the Caribbean today and was South of the equator. 



Chemical mg/l,:  Calcium 86.6, Magnesium 35.4, Sodium 22.5, Potassium 2.51, Bicarbonates189.7

Chloride 26, Fluoride 0.15, Sulphate 43.8, Nitrate 4.2, Iron 0.36, 


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